by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Pat White making the Redskins roster stunned nearly everyone following the Redskins preseason, including the beat reporters covering the team every day.

In fact, only one guy accurately predicted White surviving final cuts, albeit in lieu of Rex Grossman, and that was Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

On Monday, Aug. 26 – a full five days before the team trimmed down to 53 – La Canfora wrote:

“From what I’m hearing, there is a good chance Pat White plays the entire fourth preseason game at Tampa Bay. White has been very effective in a limited role, and given his elite athleticism, and the need for developing quarterbacks because of injuries striking other clubs, I’d be pretty surprised if he doesn’t make this roster.”

In an appearance on 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny, that bold prediction was the first thing he was asked about.

“How did you know Pat White was going to be on this roster?” Holden Kushner asked La Canfora Tuesday.

“It’s my job man,” La Canfora laughed.

“You don’t want to develop quarterbacks and give them away,” he added. “Mike Shanahan’s resume speaks for itself. In terms of quarterback development, [White’s] someone who fits their style of play. He’s someone who, if RGIII were to go down, he’s the only other guy on that roster who could run some of that stuff.”

“They liked what they saw in this kid, and the more he did it, the better he did,” La Canfora would later add. “And I knew going into that last game that he was going to play all of that game, and if he didn’t crap the bed, he was going to make the team, at least in the short-term. That’s how much they value that position.”

Sticking with the theme of predictions, let’s go ahead and get La Canfora’s NFC East picks on-record.

“I’m trying to remember what I put down on the website,” La Canfora said. “I know I had Dallas winning the division. I think that was the only team I had in the playoffs in the division, and I don’t say that with any great conviction, and I certainly made the point that I don’t think Dallas is a juggernaut, but I think they’re going to be good enough to win the division.

To further clarify his prediction, he pointed out that Jason Garrett being stripped of play-calling duties factored into his calculations, a move he suggests should allow Tony Romo to flourish.

La Canfora did hedge a little however, adding that the NFC East will ultimately be decided by head-to-head matchups and whichever team can remain healthy, along with who can finish the 2013 NFL season strong.

This is par for the course though, as few are confident in nailing down their pick in a division which features a first-time NFL head coach, a mobile starting quarterback returning from ACL surgery, a two-time Super Bowl winner, and a waffling two-time division winner with a propensity for folding in big moments.

Basically it’s anybody’s guess who wins the thing.

“And traditionally that hasn’t been the Cowboys, in terms of closing strong, but I think Jason Garrett no longer being in Romo’s ear and no longer the play-caller and trying to win three halves at once, I think that alone will help that team,” La Canfora punctuated his thought.

WaPo’s Mike Jones: It’s Not Crazy to Think Pat White Remains on Redskins


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