by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Tight end Logan Paulsen is entering his fourth season with the Washington Redskins, meaning he’s now four years removed from his college days at UCLA.

Paulsen, who saw his role grow in Washington’s offense in the 2012-13 season with the (temporary) departure of Chris Cooley, was on the Junkies Tuesday morning when he was asked to clarify what he studied in college.

“I majored in History and Political Science,” Paulsen answered.

Cakes, obviously a fan of making sweeping generalizations about football players, must not have been paying attention when Logan said his pops was an Aerospace Engineering major at MIT, as in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Here’s how the conversation played out. This is so great.

Cakes: Football!

Logan: I mean, it’s two majors, but it’s basically the same thing.

Cakes: I mean, be honest. Your major was football!

EB: No. No. I feel like he was a real student, Cakes. I really do.

JP: His pops went to MIT! He’s got some smart genes in there, Cakes.

Cakes: I’m not calling him dumb; I’m just saying you play football in college, your major’s basically football.

EB: Logan, when you were coming out of high school, I mean obviously you were going to UCLA, but were you super highly recruited? Like did you think the next step for you, like I’m going to play at UCLA for a few years, and I’m going to be in the NFL? Or did that not even enter your mind?

Logan: I went to school to get my education paid for. Honestly like, my final schools were UCLA, Stanford and Duke, you know, and Harvard. So I thought I was going to go get my school paid for. It just happened to work out but things kind of fell into place.

Cakes: Alright, I was wrong for the first time!

Egg, meet face.

I found this awesome link to support Logan’s claim.


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