by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – If Mike Shanahan’s decision to rest RGIII needed any further validation, it came Wednesday when Patriot’s QB Tom Brady went down grabbing his knee, writhing in pain in a joint scrimmage against the Bucs.

“I wrote a column a few months back saying people need to cut this kid some slack, but he’s starting to lose me a little bit here now as well,” Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports told the Junkies Thursday.

La Canfora was referencing RGIII’s press conference Monday, in which he said “I don’t have to understand it. I don’t have to like it,” with regards to Shanahan’s plan for his return to the football field; comments which Griffin has since cleared up.

“He’s playing this passive-aggressive game with the Shanahans and I think he’s gonna get burned,” La Canfora told the Junks.

“You can’t have it both ways,” he said. “You can’t have everyone in sort of Team RGIII, but publicly and privately, putting out this vibe that they kind of hung me out to dry, and they probably should have saved me from myself, and what was going on with Shanahan and Andrews? And why didn’t they protect this kid more last year? And then now, you’re basically angling and manipulating through the media this idea that I should be doing more right now. You can’t have it both ways.”

It’s difficult to be critical of RGIII in this town, because he is so beloved by the Redskins’ fan base; a sentiment that’s warranted after Griffin carried Washington out of the basement to win the NFC East in 2012. But there’s proof to what La Canfora said, and you need to look no further than RGIII returning to the podium the following day, reasserting his place on the totem pole.

“That guy’s the head coach and yea, you’re RGIII and you’re a superstar, but you’ve been in this league a nanosecond. Really. I mean, come on,” La Canfora said. “So you got to shut your mouth. And they have a plan. It’s all about Week 1, and if that’s not good enough for you, then let Tom Condon and your agents fight that battle behind closed doors.”

Griffin has been overly vocal about his desire to play in the preseason, which come Week 1 when the division records officially reset, will mean nothing.

“He’s going to have to understand, and I think he does understand the weight that his voice carries now, and the fact that he is this sort of global celebrity, and when he says little things, it’s going to be picked apart and people are going to interpret it certain way,” La Canfora said.

“And I think he’d be awful naïve to think that he wasn’t sending a message there, and if he wasn’t, then again, maybe he needs to script his comments a little more closely. Because it certainly seemed like, not just picking out little soundbites, but like watching the totality of that media session, you certainly got the sense that ‘these suckers are holding me back and I’m ready to go right now’ and ‘hey guys, I’m your quarterback. You should have me out there.’”

Maybe a revisit to Operation Patience will do Robert Griffin III some good.

Hear the Jason La Canfora clip/interview below. Read his latest column on RGIII here.


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