by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Former Redskins’ backup quarterback Donovan McNabb has counseled every young black quarterback currently in the NFL – Kaepernick, Wilson, Newton, Young, and Campbell – as he told Lavar and Dukes in his candid interview Wednesday.

Every young black quarterback … except Robert Griffin III.

“If it’s my son, and he’s a young quarterback in this league, I think I could find some other people that I could get him to talk to,” former Eagles receiver Mike Quick told Bill Rohland and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan Thursday.

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“They don’t have to be African-American quarterbacks; they just have to be guys that have their head on straight and have good advice and can help keep the kid on the right track,” he would later add.

At the start of the interview, Quick, a color analyst on the Eagles broadcast in Philadelphia, wasn’t even aware of what McNabb had said about RGIII yesterday, and upon being enlightened, deftly responded, “So he had more to say?!”

“I just wish that Donovan would go on and just enjoy what he’s done in the game, and just be quiet,” he later said.

“I think he’s always had some strong opinions. But I think now that he’s now in the media, as we all are, I think one of the things that really I think catapults guys to where they want to be is where they’re able to make these statement that just galvanize, or get everybody involved in the conversation, talking about the comments they made,” Quick said.

“And with Donovan having these strong opinions and letting them out, everyone’s talking about Donovan today and yesterday, and I don’t know what he said with Lavar, but it’s just going to continue,” Quick said.



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