by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Eric ‘Ewadd‘ Waddon revealed his rap alter ego ‘Blizz’ on the Junkies Thursday, along with a sample of his flow he’s been dying to get played on the radio since he was just a pup in the game.

I could spend all day describing this, adding depth with formulaic zingers I’ve concocted, but who really honestly wants to read more?

Let’s just agree to keep this short, and let it live on here forever.

Don’t forget, the dating game that determines who will take Ewadd on a chaperoned date to The Palm in Tyson’s next Friday, airs tomorrow (Friday), at 9 a.m.

Now check out these other cool stories about Ewadd, so I can fill out this page.

Ewadd Slaps J.P. for Junkies Vine Debut

Ewadd Has Zippy Personality

Hey Ewadd, Who Shot John Lennon?

You can find the audio from the segments conveniently at the bottom of this page.


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