by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Recently retired Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb joined 106.7 The Fan’s Lavar & Dukes on Wednesday, and pretty much answered every lingering question since his time with the Redskins, even addressing his media feud with current Skins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III.

McNabb, who on Tuesday said Griffin was “getting brainwashed” in Washington in response to something RGIII said in GQ Magazine, took the stance that his quote wasn’t given proper context, that he was responding to a Houston Chronicle reporter claiming McNabb had no idea what’s going on in Washington.

“Obviously, I have to know what’s going on,” McNabb told Lavar & Dukes. “I’ve been in the position.”

McNabb went on to explain that he corrected the reporter, which led then to him suggesting RGIII speaks to the media too frequently.

“There was a press conference once a week,” McNabb said, referring to his time as a player. “And when I was hurt, there was no media for me.”

According to McNabb, he reached out to RGIII during his rookie season, specifically at the request of Redskins officials, and even more specifically, members of the Redskins’ coaching staff.

“I reached out to RGIII,” McNabb said. “That was because I received calls talking to some of the guys that were there, that worked in the PR department, that were coaching on the coaching staff, they would’ve like us to just get a chance to talk, you know in his rookie year. Kind of prepare him for what’s next.”

“See this is the thing. I’ve talked to the Colin Kaepernicks, the Russell Wilsons, the Cam Newtons, Vince Youngs, Jason Campbell,” McNabb continued, when Lavar interjected to highlight the black quarterback connection.

“Well it’s a thing that people tend to forget about, because as an African-American, you need to talk to people who have been in your shoes, people who have witnessed and been a part of what’s there for you, and what’s next,” McNabb said.

Alas, McNabb got back on point and explained his reaction to RGIII declining his hangout invitation.

“Hey, it was an opportunity for me to reach out. If he took it, he took it. If he didn’t, he didn’t. There’s no gripes about it,” McNabb said. “He said ‘Hey, it’s not the right time.’ No problem. You know, I’ve moved on. If he calls at some point then that’s great. But I think what people need to realize is, I’ve moved on throughout my career, I’m in Plan B of my life, and this what we do. We talk about issues that are going on in sports.”

He also closed the book on his time with the Redskins, which ended with a controversy over whether he actually refused to wear a wristband, and being benched for Rex Grossman, all of which has led to fans accusing McNabb of attacking the Redskins because of residual bitterness.

“One thing you have to understand, I enjoyed my time in Washington,” McNabb said. “I still got my place out there in Virginia. I enjoyed the people of Washington. Now, every situation is not going to work. It didn’t work in Minnesota. Am I bitter about that as well?”

“So there are a lot of questions up in the air, I’m sure that you guys are asking,” he continued. “The fact that I said it, and they want to continue to go back to my one year in Washington, and act like I’m a bitter old man when I’m only 36-years-old, you know what I mean, Lavar.”

Now to Wristband Gate, a story which the Junkies broke in May 2011 reporting that McNabb refused to wear a wristband because it was bad for his image.

“If you ask me, I’m going to say I’ve never worn a wristband in the NFL and didn’t like it when I had to wear it in college,” McNabb told Lavar & Dukes. “But it’s something you deal with to get the team going so we can win football games. I went to Minnesota and had a wristband.”

Finally, McNabb discussed why he was really benched for Rex Grossman in 2010, which would ultimately result in McNabb as a backup the remainder of the season.

“What got me benched was a decision that he [Mike Shanahan] made,” McNabb said. “He wanted to evaluate John Beck and Rex Grossman. We were out of the playoff hunt.”

Listen to the full Donovan McNabb Interview in two clips below.


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