by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – In his latest column, Jason Whitlock did what Jason Whitlock does best, in garnering attention for Jason Whitlock and his latest column.

That out-of-the-way, he turned his guns on Robert Griffin III in a sort of ‘if you could make God bleed, people will cease to believe in him’ kind of way, which in Washington, is like saying God doesn’t exist.

Whitlock, in reference to RGIII’s press conference, says Griffin exposed himself and his insecurities about being replaced by Kirk Cousins as the starting quarterback.

“RGIII exposed himself Monday afternoon,” Whitlock said in his column. “Just beneath the tough-guy, ultimate-warrior bravado he trumpets to the media lurks some major, Kirk Cousins-fueled insecurity.

“Griffin doesn’t like the way he’s being handled by the Washington coaching staff because he doesn’t want Mike Shanahan, his teammates or Redskins fans to think the backup QB is a viable option as the starting QB.”

More specifically, Whitlock was referencing Griffin’s line about not liking or understanding Mike Shanahan’s plan for him, which Griffin gave after a superb trap question by our own Grant Paulsen.

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Some might say that a little insecurity is a good thing, and could propel a guy to greatness in the way in which he’s constantly working to measure up. Some might say that.

The Junkies bandied about the idea of RGIII being supremely insecure on 106.7 The Fan on Monday.

JP led the charge, asking if the rest buy into it, and here was their response:

“No, I don’t think he’s insecure of Kirk Cousins or any other quarterback on the roster,” Cakes said. “He knows it’s his job. As you mentioned earlier in the show, the team traded away multiple number one picks to acquire him. His job, as long as he’s healthy, is not in jeopardy.”

“I don’t’ know if I’ve ever met an athlete more confident in his own ability than Robert Griffin III,” EB said. “Right? Have you ever seen a young athlete more confident in his ability than this kid?”

“Probably not,” Cakes answered. “None that I can think of.”

“I mean he’s got all the confidence in the world. I don’t think he’s worried about Kirk taking his job at all. I think there’s a part of him that wants to be out there. It’s his team. He doesn’t want anyone else leading his team. But he knows what this team gave up to get him. He knows where his ability lies. He sees it in practice. He knows what he gives this team, and what Kirk is able to give this team.”

And then Bickel made perhaps the most sterling point of the entire conversation, which you can hear below.

“You have to also preface this by saying, and I think this is pretty much a fact, that Jason Whitlock, God bless him, is a bit of a troll, and Whitlock likes to write trolling type articles to bring attention to himself. Whitlock makes it all about Whitlock and he’s been known for that for years.”

Let’s hear it from you. Agree or disagree with noted troll, Jason Whitlock?

It’s your chance to sound off, because who doesn’t like taking a shot a national columnist every once in a while?


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