by Chuck Carroll
Video: Carriker Details Redskins Park Renovations

ASHBURN, Va. (CBSDC) — The multi-million dollar renovations are making Redskins Park one of the premiere facilities in the National Football League according to defensive end Adam Carriker.

The injured player had the opportunity to get an exclusive tour of the facility prior to his teammates who are currently sequestered in Richmond at the newly constructed Bon Secours training camp site.

Here are a few of the highlights of the upgrades as discussed on Carriker’s radio show, 4th & Pain:

Cafeteria and Kitchen

  • Flames from oven display fiery Redskins logo
  • Juice Bar
  • Protein Bar
  • Pasta Bar
  • Fruit Section
  • Sandwich Section
  • Six varieties of chefs
  • Nutritionist
  • A pad for players to look up nutrition facts to gauge what they need to eat
  • Menu of the day
  • Upgraded chairs and tables

Carriker says the developers were most excited about the team logo on the oven.

“When the fire comes up it lights up the Redskins logo and just looks extremely cool,” he said.

Prior to the upgrades, the cafeteria was a basketball court with folding chairs.

Training Room

  • Underwater treadmill
  • Giant cold tub
  • Giant hot tub
  • New shower and bathroom for coaches

Weight Room

  • Expanded to allow for more room
  • New platforms for squats, clean and dead lifts
  • Softer floor (better for joints during lifts)

General Landscape

The “whole back part of the building” has been removed and replaced with glass from top to bottom.

Carriker says it’s 10 times nicer and much more motivating to look out through the glass and see the practice fields at Redskins Park rather than stare at a wall or a TV.

Photos were not immediately available out of respect to the team.

About 4th & Pain

4th & Pain with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll airs each weekday at noon on and Sunday mornings at 8 o’clock on 106.7 The Fan. Follow the show on Twitter: @4thAndPain.


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