by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Junkies had 23-year-old Sydney Leathers on the show on Friday, the latest internet trap to catch politician Anthony Weiner and all-around alleged professional whore.

Just for some background, Weiner, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, was forced to resign from Congress in 2011 after a string of sexually suggestive and explicit photos surfaced, unveiling a pattern of extramarital cyber-philandering.

After nearly two years away from politics, he’d recently announced his bid to run for Mayor of New York, until a second sexting scandal involving Weiner was brought to the attention of major media outlets, screwing his chances of being welcomed back into political office.

Leathers was quickly identified as the recipient of Weiner’s online advances, and wasted no time allegedly capitalizing from her new-found fame.

“I was shocked because I didn’t think he would be so foolish as to do the same thing all over again,” Leathers told CNN in late July, absolving herself from any wrongdoing, like essentially ending a guy’s marriage and pushing the kill-switch on his career.

As expected, Weiner withdrew from the race, everyone had a great laugh at his expense, and she appeared in a video released by porn distributor Vivid Entertainmentin which she can be heard chronicling her involvement with Weiner, while also uhhh … finding better use for her hands, we’ll say.

The reason she can only be labeled as alleged professional whore, is because she refuses to acknowledge payment for the video, which she hasn’t (and can’t) deny being in, in which she uses herself as a sexual prop to bring others enjoyment.

“So how much money have you gotten so far from Vivid?” Jason Bishop of the Junkies asked Leathers on 106.7 The Fan Friday.

“I’m not going to answer that,” she responded. Oh, she’s so good (terrible).

“I mean, did you pay off all your bills?” he continued to push. “That kind of money?”

“I mean, yea,” Leathers admitted. “I barely had any debt anyway, so yea. That’s all taken care of. I’m good as far as that goes. But I’m not going to say the amount.”

In a perfect world, she would have gotten what she’s worth. Which is nothing, obviously.

That’s when things went south, and by south I mean they suggested she should make incest videos.

“So are you moving to L.A.?” Bishop asked.

Um, I’m thinking about it,” Leathers responded. “It’s tough though, because I’m really close to my family. So I feel like I would want my dad to come out here with me because he’s one of my best friends.”

Maybe you could do a video with him!” Bishop inserted.

As soon as he said it the entire tone shifted. You knew she wouldn’t let it slide, and she made that clear immediately.

OKAY, that was DISGUSTING and uncalled for,” she chirped back, and no it wasn’t.

Okay, he’s teasing,” Eric Bickel said.

That’s like not funny at all,” she said, not letting it go.

Okay, he doesn’t mean to,” Bickel said, with Bishop overheard laughing uncontrollable in the background. “What have your parents said though? They obviously support their daughter?”

“I’m glad you find incest jokes really hilarious, but yes, my dad supports me. He’s wonderful,” she responded in defense of her pops, who’s forced to deal with this dumpster fire.

Leathers went on to proclaim her happiness, while continuing to not let the whole father video suggestion go, bringing it up again each time the interview had seemingly moved past the moment, and ratcheting up the uncomfortable tension with each and every twist.

“Yea, I’m happy,” Leathers said. “When people don’t make incest jokes at me.”

They vigilantly attempted to move past it once more, before it really got ugly (the interview, not her).

“I know, I just felt like that was really distasteful,” she said.

“Okay, alright. You know what? You’ll get over it,” Bishop said.

“It was disrespectful towards my father, and I don’t appreciate that,” she bounced back.

She has morals, guys.

“Alright, just go make another video. It’s fine,” Bishop said, refusing to apologize.

That’s pretty much when the plane spiraled into the ocean, still ablaze and passengers fully conscious of their impending death. The line hit so hard It actually sounded like she hung up the phone, but alas, it was just a grand pause allowing her to regroup and return for more abuse.

And she got drilled all the way up to the big finish (still referring to the interview).

That’s Sydney Leathers for you!” Bishop exclaimed. “We got her!”

We bagged the big fish!” John Auville put a button on it.

More like dead fish, amirite?

Now let’s all exchange Weiner pics in celebration of this awesome interview!


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