The Night Twitter Exploded From MLB’s 162-Game Season

by Chris Lingebach
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Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals
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WASHINGTON (CBSDC) - In case you may have missed it, Bryce Harper getting plunked in the 5th inning of the Nats’ 2-1 loss to the Braves on Tuesday nearly sparked an all-out brawl, after both benches and bullpens emptied onto the field.

While no punches were thrown on the diamond, hostility carried over onto social media when the official Twitter accounts of each organization exchanged blows.

Elsewhere in baseball, there were more Twitter accounts expressing signs of fatigue from the grueling 162-game marathon that is the Major League Baseball regular season.

The social media outlet seemed to succumb to pressure around the league and what happened in Washington merely served as the linchpin.

Nats fans should love this.

At some point in the night, the Orioles’ account peculiarly tweeted the final score of the Nats-Braves game (which was 2-1, in case you subconsciously looked past it in the opening graph), then deleted it, offering this explanatory follow-up.

There was also this marginally NSFW tweet from 40-year-old Mets closer LaTroy Hawkins.

And this …

Then this …

That about sums up the night in baseball.

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