WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Redskins have taken to primitive methods to help dry their practice field at the Bon Secours training camp facility in Richmond after two consecutive days of heavy rain.

The team brought in a helicopter early Friday morning to essentially blow the rain away.

According to the Washington Post, Redskins Senior Vice President of Operations Lon Rosenberg placed a call to Richmond city official Jane Ferrara

“He said the fields were drenched from all the rain yesterday and they were looking for a way to get them dry very quickly,” Ferrara told The Post. “One of the tricks of the trade is to bring in a helicopter to come down on the 50 yard line and blow-dry the fields.”

Ferrara then got in touch with Whit Baldwin at HeloAir, who had a chopper training camp-bound fifteen minutes later, free of charge, according to the report.

See for yourself.

Photos: Redskins Training Camp in Richmond

[Vine video via Redskins]


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