WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A recent poll conducted by Gallup Economy has found that teachers who have just begun their careers are far more engaged in their jobs than those who have been working as educators for several years.

Researchers coordinating the survey found that 35.1 percent of teachers who had been doing their jobs for at least six months and up to one year were still engaged in their work. Of those who had been teaching for three to five years, only 27.9 percent reported the same level of engagement in their careers.

“This pattern – of engagement dropping with more years on the job – is similar in other occupation groups,” a release on the poll’s results noted. “However, the measurable decline in engagement by years of experience is smaller for those in other types of jobs.”

Researchers added in the release, “This is partly because new workers in non-teaching jobs having lower engagement to begin with than do new teachers.”

A slight increase in the amount of teachers still passionate about their work was seen in those who had been teaching beyond the five-year mark. For example, of those who had been teaching for over 10 years, 31.8 percent said they were still engaged in what they do.

The results were found while collecting information for Gallup’s employee engagement index, which rated levels of involvement and engagement in employees of various professions. Managers and executives were found to be the most engaged, while K-12 teachers were fourth on the list.

For the overall index, 151,284 randomly selected Americans were polled over the phone, the release noted.


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