by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk was in the NFL in the same era as some of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football, and believes after one season in the league, Robert Griffin III has shown the ability to handle adversity.

“There were a lot of great quarterbacks, I played against some of them – I don’t want to mention their names – but I remember defensively our whole attack was to put pressure on them because we knew they couldn’t handle it,” Monk told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday.

“And other quarterbacks we knew it didn’t matter what you did to them, they were still going to step up and perform, whether that meant still delivering the pass or running for extra yardage,” he added.

“So I think with all the excitement that we’ve had with quarterbacks over the past several years, that RG, at least from what I’ve seen last year, that’s he’s really shown that he can handle the pressure,” Monk concluded the thought.

There was one other nugget that came from this snippet of conversation, which Redskins fans will find particularly interesting.

Although Art wouldn’t initially divulge any of the names of quarterbacks he says the Redskins could pressure to throw them off their game, but eventually gave into the pressure himself and sacrificed one blast from the past.

“Alright, I’ll say Ron Jaworski,” Monk admitted. “Our whole game plan, defensive game plan was to find ways to put pressure on him. We knew eventually he would break down and do something that would cost his team the game.”

What makes this especially great, is by Monk’s standards, RGIII has the chops to handle pressure in the NFL that the guy who ranked him last in a class of young current quarterbacks, didn’t.

There was one other newsworthy item. Less than twelve hours after Darrell Green elected to clarify a statement he made on the Redskins name debate, adding that “in now way” would he want to see the team’s name changed, Monk decided to clarify a statement he made on the issue as well.

“I was asked about the name change, and so I don’t know what was misinterpreted, but I said as an African American, I’m very sensitive to names and name-calling and that sort of thing,” Monk said. “And although Redskins may not bother me, or may not bother anybody else, to the Native Americans, it definitely upsets them. That would be like somebody calling me, you know, the N-word.”

“So I definitely think it needs to be taken seriously and it requires a conversation,” Monk continued. “I like the way Darrell put it yesterday. It definitely requires conversation, and the attention, not just brush it off like its nothing.”

Green and Monk both initially commented on the issue together, in a joint interview to promote their bus tour, which is taking Redskins fans down to training camp in Richmond. You can find out more about those buses by clicking here.

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