by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) –ESPN ran through it’s annual motion of patting itself on the back with the ESPY awards Wednesday night, held on the one day every year there’s nothing else going on in sports, and Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is sick of it.

La Canfora, a former NFL Network host, is no stranger to working for large television networks.

In an interview with the Junkies Thursday, he lifted the veil shielding us from understanding exactly why we all hate the sham awards show that reporters won’t bash because of their aspirations to one day work for the four-letter network.

Hopefully you’ll need no further explanation once you’ve read the following rant he gave on 106.7 The Fan.

“I can’t watch that crap man,” La Canfora began.

“I don’t get it. I can’t think of a major sport or a minor sport that doesn’t already award and reward it’s best and brightest and all that stuff. I don’t know. It’s always struck me as just a ridiculous marketing ploy and gimmick to kind of further embed themselves with athletes and blur lines. And it strikes me as odd, there’s supposed to be a media institution that’s sort of, I won’t say above all else, but very much part of what they do, but yet here they are giving people swag bags and glad-handing, and throwing this party that, I don’t know, to me it’s impart to further embed themselves with athletes and build their brand, and also try to make a little bit of money at a time when there’s not anything going on in sports. And yea, there’s a charitable aspect to it as well, and that’s all fine and dandy, but yea, it’s not my cup of tea.”

Somebody had to say it.

Photos: The 2013 ESPY Awards

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Listen below. Praise La Canfora for his honesty on Twitter.

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