by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Robert Griffin III’s knee injury during the Redskins playoff loss to the Seahawks last year was about as catastrophic as him becoming the team’s quarterback was direction-changing for the Redskins franchise.

As Training Camp fast approaches and reports of RGIII’s recovery continue to point up and up, an increasing level of importance needs to be placed on seeing that recovery process through, and not overworking him prior to the start of the 2013 NFL season.

“I don’t think you should ask him to do the same things you ask everyone else to do,” Grant Paulsen told Lavar and Dukes Wednesday.

Paulsen clarified Griffin’s importance to the franchise as such, that everyone involved in his recovery will be judged based on how his knee holds up throughout the season.

“Everyone involved in Robert Griffin’s recovery is going to have to understand going into this Training Camp that what happens with him as a player, as a quarterback, in the next handful of months, will completely alter and change the way we view them,” Paulsen explained. “If you’re on the training staff, I don’t want to say that your job’s at stake, but your reputation with the fanbase and with the league is probably at stake.”

There’s no need to explain what RGII means to an organization that struggled to lock down a franchise quarterback for more than two decades, which is why a re-injury resulting from him being rushed back would be a fatal blow to the careers of anyone and everyone involved in the process.

“He’s the guy that completely changed the direction of the organization, who basically waved a wand over everything offensively,” Paulsen said.

As the final weeks, days, hours and minutes tick down to his still yet uncertain return date, scrutiny will intensify, attention the team receives will expand almost infinitely, with all awaiting the results of 7 months of recovery from an injury which used to require more than 12.

“They’ve been ramping up for what’s about to happen for several months,” Paulsen said. “They’ve got a few plans in place. The last question to be answered is whether or not he’ll be on the field for that first practice, or when we see him, and how quickly we do.”

Everyone in the nation’s capital is eager to see RGIII back on the field, but for those making the final call, they better think long and hard in ensuring he’s actually ready to go.

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