WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the 2013 NFL season approaches, Redskins faithful are left to wonder in limbo how Robert Griffin III will bounce back in his sophomore campaign, from a season that began with endless promise, before ending in turmoil surrounding his devastating knee injury.

In Griffin’s first season under center, he led Washington to its first NFC East title since 1999, while doing so under a brand new Redskins offense, form-fitted around the Baylor product.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports looked back on RGIII’s Rookie of the Year campaign in his latest column, in an effort to bring some clarity to these questions about how the offense will evolve moving forward, and dispel some of the myths that seem to limit Griffin’s potential as a quarterback.

From Shutdown Corner:

The effect that Robert Griffin had on the Washington Redskins in his rookie season can be summed up with one question: How many rookies in NFL history have had an entire offense tailored to their specific attributes? Because, make no mistake, what Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan put on the field in 2012 didn’t resemble anything we’d ever seen from the storied Washington franchise, and it didn’t really look much like anything else we’d seen in pro football … well, ever.

This is the part when one mentions that NFL defenses have had a full offseason to prepare for the zone-read and pistol formations, which other first-year starters Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson thrived under, along with the aforementioned RGIII in 2012.

But Farrar suggests there’s no reason to fear defensive adjustments will force Griffin to take a step back in 2013, because he’s already proven capable of reverting to a more traditional offensive approach.

“He was the most efficient quarterback in the NFL last year under center,” Farrar told Lavar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday.

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“It started from his first touchdown,” Farrar continued. “That drive route to Garçon where he picked up the blitz, he threw it to the area where the blitzing safety was. He threw it as a guy was in his face. He threw it off his back foot. He made a perfect throw.”

Not only did the praise continue, but Farrar struck down comparisons to Michael Vick which diminish Griffin’s ability to nothing more than a mobile quarterback.

“The point I tried to make in the article and the chapter, is that yes he’s an amazing athlete, but let’s not stop at Michael Vick here,” Farrar said. “This guy is a fully evolved NFL quarterback and that’s why he’s so scary. It’s like if you took Drew Brees’ head and put it on Michael Vick’s body. That’s what we’re dealing with here.”

“He has already evolved past wherever Michael Vick ever was,” he later added.

“He’s already passed Vick as a quarterback. There’s no question about that.”

Catch the interview highlights below. Follow Doug Farrar and 106.7 The Fan on Twitter.


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