by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – You already know this, but there’s a guy named Yasiel Puig on the Dodgers tearing up the league.

Pronounced: [Poo-eeg].

What you probably don’t know (because the thought was expertly implanted in your brain) , you didn’t actually learn about Puig from his nightly SportsCenter Top 10 appearances, or the Dodgers frequent nationally televised games, or Twitter or even anything else.

You only know who he is because JP of the Junkies told you.

It doesn’t matter how many consecutive games he’s hit in, how outrageous his OPS is, or how many home runs he hit in the month of June. You wouldn’t have known the name Yasiel Puig without JP claiming him like 7 days ago.

Don’t believe me? Then how do you explain this conversation from the show, like 4 or 5 whole days ago?

JP: “Just the fact that I mentioned how good he was before any of you guys were onto him, like you put me as this big Yasiel Puig fan.”

Lurch: “Hold on. Hold on.”

Cakes: “Did you watch SportsCenter?”

Lurch: “Are you claiming you knew who Puig was before me?”

JP: “On this show.”

Lurch: “Really? Is that why I already had him on my fantasy team when you brought him up?”

Valdez: “JP’s like the advanced scout for the Junkies.”

Very funny Cakes. I’m sure SportsCenter was onto Puig before Hey F’ing JPedia…before July 3rd.

Grow up, and respect the divine source of knowledge sitting across from you.

People are so disrespectful these days, honestly.

You think it’s easy to speak so aimlessly you drain rooms of their tissue resources everywhere you go? So unwarranted everyone around you has Hoover flags hanging from their ears?

Only a rare talent can draw blood from a stone with nothing but the sound of his voice. And you know what else, it takes one to know one, and identifying a ballplayer’s talent just 33 games into his career is called intuition.

So to answer your question, yes Jason Bishop. That IS why you had Puig on your fantasy team before JP brought him up.

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