by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Anthony Rendon has been on a tear since being recalled to the Nationals on June 4, so much so that it would be impossible to justify sending him back down at this point.

Him likely being a mainstay on this ballclub for the foreseeable future means it’s time he gets a nickname, but there’s one problem – his name.

Problem is, Anthony Rendon is tough one to work with.

The Junkies gave it a go on the air Thursday, and well…

“His teammates call him Mark Sanchez because he looks a little bit like Mark Sanchez, and because his hair looks a little like Mark Sanchez’s,” JP said.

“That’s not going to work for the fans, though,” EB pointed out.

“I’m big on rhyming, but nothing really works other than Send Him Home, Rendon,” JP suggested terribly.

The Junkies continued to parse unlikely options, including a dated N.W.A. reference in MC Rendon, Tony Bologna, and … Big Tony?

But even Adam LaRoche admitted the Mark Sanchez thing won’t stick, true to form.

“We’re still working on that guys,” he told the Junks on Thursday.

Bottom line is we need your help.

No matter how sensible or absurd it is, drop us your suggestions for Anthony Rendon’s nickname in the comments below, or Tweet us using: #RendonNickname, because the guy’s obviously not going anywhere.

You can also tweet EB, JP or Cakes with your suggestions, although Cakes wasn’t present for the conversation so maybe you shouldn’t (actually, do it … flood him). Just be sure to use Hashtag: #RendonNickname.


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