LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — It’s only been a few days since legendary Redskins broadcaster Sam Huff announced his retirement, but one former player already has his eyes on the position.

Former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann told Holden and Danny on Monday that he “certainly would have an interest” in replacing Huff as the team’s color commentator “if the opportunity was presented.”

Huff announced Friday that he would be stepping down after 37 years with the Redskins radio network.

Theismann, who quarterbacked the Redskins from 1974-85 led the team to its first Super Bowl victory in 1983, is no stranger to calling football games. He worked for decades as an NFL broadcaster with ABC and ESPN, including stints on Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football. Currently, he works for the NFL Network analyzing game film on its “Playbook” program.

“I’ve done everything you can do in the media — including radio,” Theismann told Holden and Danny.

The 1983 NFL MVP said he’d be hard-pressed to pass up the chance to become Huff’s replacement in the booth.

“It would be an interesting opportunity if it was proposed. Certainly I would consider it,” Theismann said. “It’s a decision that’s out of my hands. You know how I feel about the Redskins, I think everybody does.”

He also explained the difference between broadcasting games for a national audience compared to a regional fanbase.

“When you do color for television games … you focus a lot equally on both teams,” he said. “If you’re going to do Redskins radio, you’re doing Redskins radio … And when you think of Redskins radio, it’s for the Redskins fans. So you’re leaned a lot toward the Redskins. You don’t ignore the other team, you understand facts and statistics and players and where they rank, and different things like that. But the balance is a little bit different in preparation when it comes to doing radio for a home team as opposed to doing a national broadcast across the board.”

Huff began his broadcast career began with the Redskins in 1975, six years after the conclusion of his 13-year Hall of Fame playing career with New York and Washington.

He partnered with former Redskins quarterback and fellow Hall of Famer Sonny Jurgensen starting in 1981 and the voices of “Sonny and Sam” called games side-by-side for the next 31 years.

Theismann also chatted with Holden and Danny about Huff’s legacy with the Redskins, the team’s young core, and the outlook for the Redskins’ upcoming season.

Listen to Theismann’s full interview below:

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