by Blue Shorts

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – The Junkies brought back an age-old classic, re-thought and re-energized with new blood on Thursday.

“Bet on Ewadd” is a simple game really, based on “Bet on Bret”; an interactive game originally designed for listeners to bet on or against former longtime producer Bret Oliverio, on questions that are typically common knowledge.

The element of chance is quintessential in any game, and while these questions would be easy for most reasonably able minds, Ewadd is cut from a different cloth, as the great Bretski Barbecue was, so each question poses a greater degree of difficulty than it really reasonably should.

Here’s the format:

The Junkies pose a question, like oh… let’s say “What shape is a stop sign?”

The caller is then asked to bet on or against Ewadd in whether he’ll know the correct answer.

It’s almost guaranteed radio gold, because he’s just such donk, even if he stumble into answering correctly, he’s bound to say something stupid, like, I don’t know, “Oct-O-gon” in responding to the above question.

Hypothetically, just off the top of my head, you might also ask him who shot John Lennon, and he might respond with something to the effect of “I’m gonna go with the only name that’s coming to my head … Yoko Ono?”

Of course, he might say that because he did say that.

And it’s almost guaranteed gold, and it was gold. He killed it again.

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Listen below. Follow Ewadd on Twitter.


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