WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The Washington Nationals announced the signings of 22 draft picks Monday afternoon, including the team’s top overall pick Jacob Johansen, who was selected in the second round. Washington did not have a first round selection in this year’s draft.

The following players were signed:

RHP Jacob Johansen (second round)
3B Drew Ward (third round)
RHP Austin Voth (fifth round)
3B/C Cody Gunter (sixth round)
1B Jimmy Yezzo (seventh round)
LHP David Napoli (eighth round)
RHP Jake Joyce (ninth round)
SS Brennan Middleton (10th round)
SS David Masters (14th round)
CF William Ballou (15th round)
LHP Cory Bafidis (18th round)
LHP Niko Spezial (19th round)
LHP Justin Thomas (21st round)
SS Cody Dent (22nd round)
RF Garrett Gordon (23rd round)
RHP Matt DeRosier (24th round)
LHP Travis Ott (25th round)
LHP Joey Webb (28th round)
RHP Michael Sylvestri (29th round)
RHP Ryan Ullman (30th round)
SS Willie Medina (31st round)
LHP Jake Walsh (34th round)

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