by Blue Shorts

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – We’ve all felt it if we’re being honest with ourselves (or I’m just a mutant who’s convinced himself he’s not alone in the world), but it’s that feeling you get when someone ‘catches’ you sleeping in a strange place.

Not like bathtub full of scorpions strange; more like, not your own bed strange; in a place where coworkers could spot you strange.

There’s just something intimate about laying your head down and allowing yourself to be free of your own thoughts. It needs to be guarded from the world.

So when you do find yourself in that uncomfortable predicament, in which you’re forced to choose between a sleepless night and the risk of being found out, you’ve really entered a lose-lose scenario.

There’s an instinctual, primal feeling that’s innate in us all, which has us naturally inclined to think ‘my sleep is private,’ and when that barrier is breached, fear happens.

Grant Paulsen had an early rise to fill in for the Junkies Friday, after sleeping at the radio station the night before. From the sound of it, someone barged in on his private time.

“I try to overcompensate like I’m not having just woken up anyway,” Paulsen said. “So I’ll do a weird like ‘yea, I’m awake it’s fine.’”

“But it’s obvious that I can’t form sentences; that I can’t form thoughts. I don’t want anyone to know that I just slept. It’s like this embarrassing thing that I’m hiding.”

There are just some things about the world that may remain vacant of explanation forever, like why we all pretend we’re awake when we’re awoken by a phone call, or why Grant Paulsen has never finished a plate of wings in his life 😉

Listen to the uncomfortable segment below. Follow Grant on Twitter.


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