by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Redskins great Clinton Portis popped on 106.7 The Fan and made a revelation about his sports fandom that was surprising to some, not so much to others already familiar with his NBA Finals antics.

“I’ll be at the game on Sunday,” he told The Fan’s Holden and Danny. “Just hopefully I won’t get jumped because I’ll be rooting for the Spurs as I always do.”

Portis, a Miami native, has been going to Heat games all season and rooting for the opposing teams.

“I actually do like the Heat,” Portis continued. “I’m a Heat fan, but just because everybody is so crazy about the Heat, and I feel like they have an advantage with the big three, I just always cheer for the underdog, and it pisses people off at the game.”

People aren’t exactly lining up to see Sheriff Gonna Getcha or Southeast Jerome anymore, so one would figure he’s got to his fix from somewhere.

“We have season tickets so we always sit in the visiting team’s section, so we’re kind of safe because I’m around whoever they’re playing. I go with whoever they’re playing, from Golden State, Indiana, the Knicks. Any game we go to I’m always rooting for the other team and people will be so aggravated watching me. I’ll come in with another jersey on, or you know when everybody’s quiet in the stadium, I’m jumping, supporting the other team, or being a distraction shooting free throws for the Heat.”

This is nothing new to Portis. He openly rooted for the Thunder during last year’s Finals, and even tweeted about it extensively.

But that was a surprise to the hosts interviewing him, and an even bigger surprise when they learned he’d said as much on their show in 2012.

So in summation, Clinton Portis is rooting for the Spurs in the NBA Finals, even though he’s really a Heat fan. Oh yea, one more thing.

His “game mate” is two-time NFL rushing champion Edgerrin James.

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