by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Vine is quickly becoming the next big internet sensation, allowing users to share 6-second glimpses into their lives via social media, like Twitter and Facebook.

Released last summer, originally exclusively for iPhone users, Vine launched to the most downloaded free app in the iOS App Store in a matter of months, and has since been acquired by Twitter and been made available for Android users, with further plans for expansion in the near future.

And Matt Valdez gets cised.

Eager to claim dominance over a new social media market early, the Junkies producer stormed into the studio during a commercial break Tuesday morning with a brand new Vine account and a mind for greatness.

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“Valdez was in here and he had his cell phone and he was trying to film stuff in-studio,” JP set up the bit.

“I wanna make a Vine video,” Cakes said, in a disgusting, trashy Valdez dialect.

“And then Ewadd threw out an idea and I said I’d do it, and so that brings us to where we are right now,” JP continued. “Where Ewadd wants to slap me in the face, and I said okay.”

Oh man…

“Can I bitch slap you?” Ewadd asked.

“Oh, the backhand slap?!” Cakes got cised a little.

“So you’re going to do like Roger Federer and backhand him?” Lurch asked.

How great is this?

“If I light you up, do not get rick at me,” Ewadd said emphatically.

“Every listener is thinking ‘I wish I was Ewadd,’” Lurch put a bow on it.

“Yea, this is for everyone who’s every been Flaimed before,” Ewadd said poetically.


We give you … Vine …

[tweet width=”420″]

That kid’s living the dream.

Listen to the hilarity below. Follow Matt Valdez and Ewadd on Twitter.

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Check out this silly classic…


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