by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As RGIII’s popularity continues its steady rise, so does the level of awareness that there’s an issue regarding the name of the team he quarterbacks.

Outside pressures to pick a side in the Redskins debate are mounting, as writers near and far mercilessly paint supporters of the franchise’s 80-year-old nickname as the face of evil, but Griffin III still hasn’t addressed it.

But these pressures are beginning to strike closer and closer, and the shrapnel is beginning to fall just out of reach of Griffin’s impenetrable media armor. His silence on the issue, like it or not, serves as an endorsement of the status quo; a non-committal, un-leader-like position to all these shouting voices, and they’ll pen it as such.

But should RGIII honestly take a stand, or just continue to stand strong as the waves crash over him?

“They’re desperate for Robert Griffin to address this thing in the hopes that he says what they think, so that furthers their agenda,” Danny Rouhier pointed out, while discussing it on 106.7 The Fan.

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“Again, this wasn’t offensive enough in 2003, in 2006,” Rouhier continued. “Nobody cared that much. But now a couple guys have decided ‘I’m going to get famous off this.’”

What makes this such a sticky wicket for RGIII, isn’t the sports writers with false entitlement trying to squeeze an answer out of him, it’s the fans equally clamoring to know his position.

The majority just want to hear him say ‘I like the name’ so they can justify buying a fourth Griffin III jersey in a little over a calendar year. But then there’s the select few capable of separating loyalty from the equation, and want him to flex his intelligence, leading by example with ‘forward-thinking’ ideas.

“There’s no benefit to it if you’re Robert Griffin III,” Rouhier adds.

“There are a couple of different instances that I can think of, where there is nothing good that happens to him or this organization,” co-host Holden Kushner added. “And one of them is him answering this question: Do you think the Redskins should change their name?”

“The folks that want him to speak out right now, I’m telling you, are the same people that wrote the columns about the reason the Redskins lost, is because the name is racist,” Rouhier bounced back.

With these two national storylines seemingly on a collision course for one another, the results of the crash being a mega story and a lot of hurt feelings, it may be best for RGIII just to keep tight-lipped on this one, and let the storm pass with the start of the 2013 NFL season.

With an issue as volatile and divisive as this one, there really are no winners, because personal values are at stake.

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So no, he shouldn’t say word one about it. The slightest sway in either direction could rip his personal fan base in half irreparably, and for what? So people can go crazy over headlines for a couple days, then forget about Native Americans again when the season starts?

As Michael Jordan famously said, “Republicans buy shoes too.”

Of course, so do Native Americans I guess.

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