WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — A new study finds that Americans spend nearly one hour looking at their smartphones each day.

According to data collected by Experian Marketing Services’ Simmons Connect, the average U.S. adult spends 58 minutes on their phones on a daily basis. On average, smartphone owners devote 26 percent of the time they spend on their phone talking and another 20 percent texting.

Social networking consumes 16 percent of smartphone time while browsing the mobile web accounts for 14 percent of time spent. Emails and gaming account for nearly 10 percent of daily smartphone use. Camera use and GPS tack on another 2 percent of phone time.

There are differences between use of the iPhone and Android.

Users of the iPhone spend more time on their devices a day (26 minutes more) but a smaller percentage of time talking and surfing the Web than their Android counterparts and more time texting and snapping photographs.

According to a September 2012 study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 85 percent of American adults have a cellphone, 45 percent have a smartphone and 25 percent have a tablet computer. As of early 2012, 58 percent have a desktop computer, 61 percent have a laptop and 18 percent own an e-book reader.

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