WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – According to a new study, men judge women with high levels of stress.

In a previous study from a couple of years ago, women were found to go for low-stress guys.

“Stress can suppress fertility,” researcher Markus Rantala, a professor of biology at the University of Turku in Finland, told LiveScience.

One difference between the two sexes is that men are not attracted to women with stronger immune systems. That factor can show up in your facial features.

“Our major finding is a little bit of a disappointment for us, because we didn’t find that immunology is linked to attractiveness in women,” Rantala added to the magazine.

Researchers took pictures of 52 Latvian women during fertile times in their menstrual cycle. The women were then given a hepatitis B vaccination. Blood samples were also taken before and after the shot to measure the women’s hormones and antibodies. Researchers also measured the women’s body-fat percentages.

Eighteen men rated the photos of the women’s faces and were asked to measure attractiveness on a scale of 0 to 11.

The results showed that the prettiest faces did not necessarily belong to the women with the strongest immune response. The women with the lowest levels of stress hormone cortisol were consistently ranked as more attractive.

The thinnest and fattest women were seen as the least attractive.

The study was published in the journal Biology Letters.


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