by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Pitching coach Steve McCatty was the center of attention this week as the Nats rounded out their west coast swing, and he’ll return home to a rabid fan base, thanks in full to his partially clothed body in the July 1984 issue of Playgirl Magazine.

Fast forward to Thursday morning.

Brooks Laich of the Caps was hanging out in-studio with the Junkies, where host Eric Bickel became obsessed with figuring out how much it would cost to get Laich to appear in the same magazine, naked.

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Let’s cut through the gristle and go straight for the meat.

Here’s the trimmed convo:

Lurch: I’m gonna say Brooks would do it for his annual salary.

EB: Which is?

Lurch: A lot of money. Like $5.5 million or something.

EB: So let’s start it at $5 million. Do you pose for Playgirl, butt naked?

Laich: Is that straight cash?

Lurch: Straight cash homie.

Laich: $5 million? I don’t know if I would do it or not, but EB, I would ponder it.

There you have it ladies. Brooks would maybe pose in Playgirl (a magazine that may or may not still be in publication) for at least $5 million. That’s something you might Laich, right?

We know at least one local radio host who would.

The clip’s below. The full Brooks appearance is here.

Note to reader: Please shoot me. This story just won’t die.


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