Oklahomans in D.C. Area Mourn for Moore

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Oklahomans living in D.C. have been through this kind of devastation before, but it doesn’t get easier seeing images of death and destruction on the news.

“I miss my home … in my perfect world, I’d be right back in Oklahoma, risks and all,” said Ali Heidarpour, an IT consultant for the Department of Labor.

Instead of dressing up for work Tuesday morning, he opted for a crimson and cream t-shirt that says “We Are Oklahoma” on the back. His choice of attire makes him feel connected to the Moore community, “even though I’m 2,000 miles a way,” he said.

A D.C. resident who got her Army artillery training in The Sooner State, and who still has family there, told WNEW’s Kimberly Suiters that she worries for her loved ones every spring.

“I called them as soon as I heard on the news,” she said. And it won’t be the last time she’ll have to call to check in on them because of severe weather.

“It’s tornado season,” she said. “It’s awful.”

May is known as the most active month for tornadoes.

WNEW’s Kimberly Suiters contributed to this report. Follow her and WNEW on Twitter.

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