by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Through the voice of Alonzo Mourning, by way of a store opening in Miami, Scottie Pippen apparently trashed Michael Jordan yet again, saying LeBron James would’ve “kicked MJ’s ass” in a one-on-one battle during the height of each players’ career.

But another Bulls teammate of Jordan tells a different story, and says it’s not just the mental advantage that sets Jordan a cut above James.

“The will and the skill,” TNT analyst Steve Kerr told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny, as the reasons ‘His Royal Airness’ would take ‘King James’ in a game of one-on-one.

Kerr was a teammate of Jordan’s for three of the Bulls’ six championships, and as a three-point specialist, had a perfect view of the entirety of MJ’s game.

“LeBron’s game is really attacking from the perimeter and finishing at the basket or finding teammates,” Kerr said. “He’s such a great passer. But I always thought Michael had the better low post game than LeBron.”

“If you remember kind of in the second half of Michael’s career, he used to take people down on the block, and his footwork was ridiculous,” Kerr continued. “And he had all those fadeaway jump shots, and he’d get to the rim, and I think his game was more refined than LeBron’s on the low block.”

While there will never be a definitive answer to a hypothetical matchup of two of the game’s greats, that involves defying the laws of time to match the two during their peaks, perspective is everything when attempting to compare immeasurables.

There’s Scottie Pippen, who wouldn’t have been half the player he was without Jordan, and who’s career noticeably suffered when No. 23 left the game. And then there’s Steve Kerr, who embraced his career as a role player, went on to win two more championships after leaving the Bulls, before realizing his own talent as both a talent evaluator and a game analyst in his successful post-athletic career.

And Steve Kerr will be calling the Eastern Conference Finals on TNT, while Scottie watches the remainder of the playoffs from home.

But hey, either guy could be correct.

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Hear the clip below, along with why Steve Kerr won’t work in D.C.


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