WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Nats GM Mike Rizzo said Bryce Harper did not sustain a concussion when he ran into the right field wall at Dodgers Stadium, a collision which kept him out of the lineup the following day and resulted in 11 stitches.

In his weekly radio address with 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny, Rizzo insisted Harper is day-to-day after passing all the physical tests required by the league’s concussion policy, which Major League Baseball instituted in 2011.

Harper, who Rizzo says is already offering himself up for pinch-hitting duties, acknowledged feeling nauseous Tuesday, telling reporters he felt “a little carsick.”

Here are the Harper-related health questions from Wednesday’s interview:

Holden: We were just talking about Bryce Harper. Anything to update us on with that? Is there a concussion?

Rizzo: No, there’s no concussions. He’s feeling better. He felt better yesterday. He felt better towards the end of the day yesterday than when he arrived at the park, so we feel he’ll be ready to go in the next day or so.

Holden: Does he need any more tests?

Rizzo: No, the test was conducted the night that he had the incident and he passed the test. I was right there watching him.”

Danny: What’s his timetable? What thresholds does he have to cross in order to be back in the lineup?

He just has to feel better. He’s sore. It’s kind of a little bit like if you get into a car crash or something. You get into a fender-bender where you just get jostled or an airbag hits; you’re just sore. And that’s where he’s at right now.

Holden: My question would be more to the protocol, the procedure, because in the NFL they obviously have a lot of testing for concussions. What’s that test like in the MLB?

Rizzo: The doctor runs him through a battery of tests. Verbal and tests on the computer, and of course we gave him X-rays and CT Scans and that type of thing, and that was all done, and he passed all of them.

Holden:He felt like he was carsick. Sometimes that is a symptom of concussion.  Was there anything to him being carsick? Why did he feel nauseous?

Rizzo: Why did he feel nauseous? I don’t know when he felt nauseous, or why he felt nauseous. He said he just didn’t feel right yesterday, but he told me at the end of the game that he was available if we needed him to pinch-hit yesterday, and he’s going to be day-to-day. We’ll see how he feels. He’s sore on the left side of the body, which is the side that took the brunt of the collision. But once the soreness is gone, he’ll be able to perform for us.

So at least we do know Harper was either feeling “carsick” or he “just didn’t feel right.” What we don’t know is when he’ll return.

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