WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the New York Rangers prepare for their second round matchup against the Boston Bruins Thursday night, head coach John Tortorella took a moment to look in the rear view and blast the Washington Capitals … twice.

“We’ve got everybody and their brother whining out there in Washington about what happened in the series,” Tortorella told reporters Tuesday. “And I think that’s a big reason they lose that series.”

There was also this from an interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa:

“There was a lot of whining going on over there the last couple of games about penalties and this and that,” Tortorella said. “We just shut our mouths and we played, and I really respect our team for going about their business that way.”

While there’s no definitive correlation, Tortorella’s comments may have been targeted at Caps star Alex Ovechkin, who complained throughout the series, then complained again about the officiating after his team was knocked out of the playoffs by the Rangers.

“I am not saying there was a phone call from (the league), but someone just wanted Game 7,” Ovechkin told Slava Malamud of the Russian-based Sport-Express following Washington’s Game Seven defeat.

106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes, who still gets stopped on the streets for his Redskins rant, blew his lid as he processed the sharp commentary from the Rangers’ straight-shooting head coach, while still digesting the impact of Ovechkin’s apparent lack of accountability.

“I’m just saying, he ain’t wrong,” Dukes began, blood starting to boil. “You can be mad all you want. Everybody’s all pissed off. Be mad. But they’re still b***hing about the refs two games later.

“You got your asses handed to you in front of your home crowd,” he continued. “You got embarrassed. You’ve got people saying the general manager should get fired, that Ovi’s washed up, that Ribeiro doesn’t deserve a deal. Go ahead and blame that on the refs you losers. It’s unbelievable to me what people will do after a loss. Blame the refs for a Game Six loss. Call conspiracy. You’ve got the captain of your team saying, he’s saying some sports talk radio horse S.”

There’s more.

“Go ahead and get mad at Tortorella. Go ahead! He’s gonna play next round and we’re going to sit here and wonder whether or not the general manager’s gonna be fired.

“What a joke. Six straight years of this crap! You want to blame the refs in Game Six of THIS year? Go ahead.”

As with any great Dukes bloodletting, he turned up the volume as the reality of the situation hit him in real-time.

“Win! Win something! Win anything! Win!

“Blame yourself! Look in the mirror!”

No one can put a punctuation mark on six straight seasons ending in disappointment, quite like that guy.

As with any great radio rant, it’s really better if you listen for yourself.

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