by Blue Shorts

LANHAM, Md. – Matt Valdez and Drab T-Shirt made a legendary announcement on the show Wednesday, about a business venture they’re jointly pursuing, and credit must be given where credit is due: they nailed the big reveal.

First off, they informed the guys they’d developed a new scheme to turn a quick buck, but were careful not to let too much out of the bag, too soon.

It’s not easy to keep wolves at bay, especially four wolves trained to sniff out bad bits.

But wolves aren’t the topic at hand, so let’s get back to the big reveal.

“It’s not just Valdez and I,” Drab tempted the crowd. “We have, as of right now, a silent investor who does not want to go public.”

“Is this someone we know personally?” Lurch asked, interest peaked.

“And we have an adviser as well,” Drab added.

“Frank hasn’t been here. So maybe Pete?” EB reasoned.

“Pete is our adviser,” Drab said.

“And Pete likes the idea?” EB asked.

“Loves it. And he’s gonna guide us and steer us in the right direction,” Valdez answered, with two verbs that have the same meaning.

And the investment is …

“We’re buying a horse!” Valdez revealed.

“A racehorse!” Drab gleefully chimed.

This is the greatest thing ever.

Fast forward just ‘a bit.’ Not only are they buying a horse, which is A SHOW in itself, but they’ve been lured into the business by Pete Medhurst, a guy who’s been the TRACK ANNOUNCER at Rosecroft Raceway for 15 years!

It gets better, still.

They’ve allegedly done ample research – just enough to impede their ability to book guests – careful not to jump into any impulse purchase they’ll end up regretting.

And then there’s the trainer. Ohhhh, the trainer.

The audio of “Vic the Sick” wrangling a horse is out of this world.

And here’s “The Horse Whisperer Trailer” intro’d flawlessly by Matt Valdez.

This is one of those posts where the audio just has to speak for itself. Listen to this magic over and over here.

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