by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The discussion of player safety was raised to Nats manager Davey Johnson on the Junkies Wednesday, hours after Toronto’s J.A. Happ was violently struck in the side of the face by a baseball.

“Stuff like that happens,” Johnson told the Junks, before the conversation diverted into players being required to wear cups.

When the conversation diverts is typically when the Junkies offer up that golden ball, and Davey hit this one square “in the privates.”

Albeit, Davey was kind of led into this one, guided by a comment that his players probably wouldn’t wear a cups if they weren’t required to by Major League Baseball.

“There’s no doubt about it,” Davey acknowledged, but the rest was on him.

Davey: Hey, I got hit in the privates in the Spring Training.

Cakes: You did? Who hit you?

Davey: I’m not even going to mention his name. It was an opposing player. Hit it right in, you know. That’s part of it, you know?

Lurch: So he fouled a ball off into the dugout and hit you right in the nads?

Davey: Yea, it wasn’t the first time either.

EB: You didn’t have your cup on Davey?

Davey: Heck no. I managed to close my legs just at the right time.

Davey did say getting “hit in the privates” makes your hands quicker. He would not comment however, on if he was on monkey tilt afterward.

Hear the full story below…

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