WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – In the wake of Jason Collins coming out as the first openly gay professional athlete in major American sports, the possibility of a similar announcement by an NFL player seems far more realistic.

Although admittedly Kirk Cousins hadn’t given the idea much thought, the Redskins quarterback provided valuable insight into how an openly gay teammate might be treated in the Redskins locker room in an interview he did with Michigan Live.

Here’s an excerpt from that interview:

“But i think we need to show love to every single person on this Earth,” Cousins said. “Jesus showed love to everybody, and whether it was Mary Magdalen, who was a prostitute had seven demons inside her, he showed love to her, and he didn’t have a problem with her.

“Jesus called on a tax collector, Matthew, to be one of his disciples, and while many Jewish people had a problem with Matthew, Jesus didn’t have a problem with Matthew. What Jesus wanted was for Matthew to grow.

“At the end of the day, anybody in our locker room who is struggling with someone and isn’t perfect – which would be everybody in the locker room – my attitude would be that I want to show love to them in a way that shows them Jesus, and hope that they can encounter the same love that I encountered from Jesus that saved my life.”

It seems not every Christian in sports shares the opinion of ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

Cousins has a book slated for June 25 release. “Game Changer: Faith, Football & Finding Your Way,” takes personal stories from Cousins’ life to show adolescents how he put his faith and values into action.

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