LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — The National Zoo is inviting its Facebook fans to name the male sloth cub that was born there in December.

Voting will close at noon on May 3. The Zoo will announce the winning name on Facebook shortly thereafter.

Names in the running are:
— Ravi, which means “sun” in Hindi. This potential name was chosen cub was born just in time for the winter solstice.
— Bandar, a Hindi word meaning “monkey,” because the cub has already proven himself to be very independent and active, balancing on top of wobbly enrichment toys and climbing the mesh in his enclosure.
— Hank, an amalgamation of the cub’s parents’ names. His mother is named Hana, and his father is called Frank, short for Francois.

The public has been able to watch the sloth family on the Zoo’s web cam, but they will make their live public debut this summer.

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