PRINCETON, N.J. (CBSDC) – The majority of Americans would have preferred if Congress had allowed for expanded background checks for gun purchases, according to recently-released data.

A new Gallup poll found that 65 percent of Americans don’t agree with the Senate’s decision to not pass the measure for expanding background checks on all gun purchases, compared to just 29 percent who agree with the Senate’s decision.

The data, which was collected between April 22 and April 25, goes deeper. Forty percent of people who agree with the Senate’s decision to vote down the expanded background checks do so while citing the Second Amendment, according to the polling data. Another 23 percent believe that the gun laws already in place should be enforced before implementing expanded background checks on gun purchases.

But the polling data presented results to a hypothetical question that might suggest that the discussion around gun control measures might not go away. If an issue were to be presented on a ballot dealing with required background checks for all gun purchases, 83 percent of Americans would vote for the measure, according to the Gallup poll. Just 17 percent would vote against such a measure.


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