by Blue Shorts

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – Eric Bickel is a fascinating human being. He really is.

During Friday’s show, he chose to unburden himself of something that had been bothering him for some time; something rather peculiar in nature.

It seems he’s had this recurring dream, which involves him losing his uhhhh … his junk.

“I have to be delicate obviously, but it has to do with my junk,” Bickel told the rest of the Junkies. “And for some reason I have this dream over and over and over that I can actually detach it from my body; that I can just like, pop it off almost. And then it turns into like PLAY-DOH.””

Listen to him as he explains his weird junk dream:

Although critical at first, Lurch did offer high value to the conversation by naming situations where it would be beneficial to detach your junk.

“You’re playing hoops or whatever, or when I was playing softball with the old guys,” Lurch offered. “Yea, you would detach it and put it in your bag and then just put it back on.”

The Junkies have a male-dominated audience, so unfortunately for the female minority, this next exercise will be an act of futility, but imagine if you could just remove it.

First of all, would you do it?

Secondly, where/when would you remove it? Are there some places where it’s required? Others where it’s just a common courtesy?

Would it be like taking off your shoes when you walk into someone’s home? Is it customary for every home to have it’s  equivalent to the coat-hanger?

Maybe there’s like a drawer everyone keeps by their front door. When male visitors come by, they just drop it in the drawer as they step inside. “Please take your junk off when you come inside.”

I know I’ve heard of a ‘junk drawer’ before, but I never would have thought …

You’re dining at a fancy restaurant … “Excuse me, do you have some place I can store my junk?”

Lock Lurch would remove his as soon as he got home every night.

I don’t know. The whole ‘thing’ sounds preposterous, but it does make for a fascinating imagination session.

Hats off to you EB, for having such an interesting brain.

Brings a whole new perspective to Sports Junkies.

Show pictures of your detached junk to EB here.


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