by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Nationals have gone off the rails, losing eight of their last eleven games and Davey Johnson is sick and tired of it.

Seriously guys. You’re putting him on monkey tilt.

That whole losing streak thing sucks or whatever, but what’s far more important is the Nats manager giving perhaps the funniest bite in the history of radio or baseball (or baseball on the radio) during his weekly hit with the Junkies Wednesday.

After a series of “serious” questions, Jason Bishop asked Davey if he knew the phrase ‘Monkey Tilt’ and explained … well actually, the conversation is below. Reading it is funny. Listening to the clip on the iPhone-compatible player below is even funnier. One of those rare gems that only gets funnier the more maniacally you listen to it.

Lurch: Do you know what Monkey Tilt means Davey?

Davey: No, but you’re going to tell me I hope.

Lurch: Well I was angry watching the Met game on Sunday when Jason Werth hit the 3-0 pitch into a double play, with no outs and guys on first and second. That put me on Monkey Tilt.

Davey: A lot of us were on Monkey Tilt.

Cakes: Like if Strasburg loses another game, you’ll be on Monkey Tilt.

Davey: Yea, I’m real close to Monkey Tilt right now.

I don’t know if it’s that he’s so aged and feeble, or just that he stooped to their level. Maybe it’s that he’s a MANAGER IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.

Something (everything) just makes this the most hysterical clip ever.

In the meantime, good luck breaking free from the shackles of 2nd place twenty games into the season and everything. It’s an outrageous climb from the bottom when you’re a .500 team and five games back with only 142 to play.

I guess buy an Orioles hat cuz it’s over Johnny?

Davey Johnson isn’t on Twitter, so I guess follow Dave Johnson.


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