by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Aside from being nationally televised five times next season, the Redskins learned Thursday they’ll be opening the 2013 NFL season at home against an all too familiar opponent, armed with an all too unfamiliar new offense.

When the Eagles fly into the nation’s capital for Monday Night Football on Sept. 9, they’ll bring with them a Chip Kelly offense that’s expected to be fast-paced and high-octane, similar to the no-huddle ran by the Patriots last season.

And it’s similar because Bill Belichik met with Kelly in 2012, to pick his brain about the offense he was then running at Oregon, then implemented what he learned in New England.

The question is not whether Kelly’s offense can work at the NFL level; it’s whether he’ll have the horses to make it work this season.

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“LeSean McCoy is saying it’s going to be a track meet here,” CBS’s Clark Judge told the Junkies Friday.

“I think it’s going to be something very different,” he later added.

That truth alone puts the Redskins at a disadvantage, but with the draft and OTAs around the corner, and a quarterback battle likely looming through Training Camp in Philadelphia, the Eagles’ yet-to-be-established roster serves to further exacerbate Washington’s game planning difficulties.

Michael Vick and Nick Foles are currently the two candidates vying to be the signal-caller for the NFL debut of Kelly’s ‘blur’ offense.

“I don’t think Foles is even a part of the equation,” Judge said. “I look at Nick Foles and I go, he doesn’t fit here. And to be successful to me, you’ve got to have a quarterback that does not commit the turnovers that Michael Vick does.”

If his assessment of the Eagles roster is correct, they’re still looking for their quarterback of the future, and that answer is likely to come next week, possibly in the form of Geno Smith.

“There’s got to be just somebody else who’s not on that roster who we’ll be looking at in August and September,” Judge continued.

Unfortunately for the Redskins right now, there are more questions than answers, and their only solution is a ticking clock set for Monday Night Football.

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