by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Nats manager Davey Johnson is sticking by his guy, vouching for Ryan Zimmerman as he struggles through what appears to be an emerging bout with the yips. Fortunately, Davey still has enough confidence to carry both of them.

In 40 total fielding chances, Zimmerman has made four errors for an uncharacteristic 90 percent from the field, tying him for worst in the majors with a guy who’s had half as many attempts (Carpenter – STL). That means he’s throwing away one out of every ten balls that come his way.

“He made a lot of great plays last night,” Johnson told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday. “It’s just that one play he had plenty of time and threw it away.”

Although he was quick to dismiss Zimmerman’s problem as being a mental thing, “he had plenty of time” hints otherwise.

“I’ve said all along, it’s going to probably be around June before he feels 100 percent before he really trusts his throws,” Johnson later clarified.

Perhaps the most quotable line of the interview by Davey though, came in response to a joke about him not being around when Zimmerman finally moves to first base, and third is allotted to up-and-comer Anthony Rendon.

“I’m going out in a parade this year so you guys just relax and let me do the heavy lifting,” he joked back.

While Davey is clearly sticking with his ‘World Series or Bust’ claim (and enjoying it), hopefully he can assert some of that confidence on his third baseman for the time being.

Hear the full interview with Davey below…

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