WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Metro will put off its aggressive rebuilding efforts for the fourth consecutive weekend to prevent unnecessary delays during the high-occupancy Cherry Blossom season.

The break from renovations bean Saturday, March 23, and will continue through Sunday, April 14. However, weekend work is planned for late Sunday evening, when ridership is light.

Metro says on average, ridership increases by more than 15 percent during Cherry Blossom season, and weekend ridership can double to near-weekday levels if the weather is nice.

Metro has passed along the following tips to help ensure a pleasant ride during the Cherry Blossom season:

  • Metro customers should expect more crowded trains and stations during Cherry Blossom season.
  • To avoid crowds, visitors are encouraged to travel during non-rush hour times and if possible, avoid traveling at the height of the afternoon peak period, from 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Customers who regularly use Smithsonian Station, which is the most frequently used station for tourists arriving at the National Mall, are urged to stagger their arrival and departure times for work or use L’Enfant Plaza, Archives, Federal Triangle or Union Station as alternate stations during Cherry Blossom season.
  • Visitors can purchase a $14 Metrorail One-Day Pass for multiple trips. The One-Day Pass can be used for unlimited travel on the day it is first used.
  • If using a SmarTrip card, be sure to load enough value for your entire roundtrip to avoid long lines.  If using a paper farecard, remember to add $1 for each trip ($2 for roundtrip) to the applicable fare.
  • For your safety, always stand back from the platform edge.
  • When boarding the train, please move into the car and away from the doors to allow other customers to board.
  • When riding on escalators, please stand on the right.

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