WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A benches-clearing brawl in San Diego Thursday has called into question whether Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke intentionally plunked Padres slugger Carlos Quentin, or if the ball simply got away from him.

Quentin, who has been hit by Greinke twice before, charged the mound immediately.

‘These things happen’ and ‘sometimes tension boils over’ doesn’t quite do this scenario justice however, as Greinke – a $147 million starting pitcher – suffered a broken collarbone in the skirmish.

Arm in a sling, he maintained after the game he didn’t intentionally hit Quentin with the pitch, a thought clearly not shared between the two.

Greinke also claimed he didn’t know of any history between them before Thursday’s game, although he would admit, “Now there probably is.”

And as for Quentin, “Myself and Greinke have a history.”

Their opposing recollections of the past aside, when asked if he felt remorse for engaging the pitcher after hearing of Greinke’s injury, Quentin responded, “Like I said, it could have been avoided.”

It’s important to note that Quentin leads Major League Baseball in the number of times he’s been hit by a pitch (95 HBP since 2008), which can easily be attributed to how close he addresses the plate in his stance.

106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny had an intense discussion about the fight on Friday:

“If I’m Zack Greinke, the guy’s yelling at me, I’m going to tell him – and it may be harsh words, but in so many – I’m saying ‘I didn’t hit you on purpose idiot. It’s a one-run game. It’s a 3-2 count. I’m not putting the tying run on base with nobody out,” Danny said. “Now, if there’s two outs and it’s a different score, yea, maybe you get one on the arm because I can’t stand your ass.

“Greinke was smart, he lowered his left shoulder,” Holden added. “But again, I have two options: I’m either running as fast as I can, or I’m kicking him with my metal spikes.

Now watch the video and decide for yourself.

Did Greinke hit him on purpose or did that ball just get away from him?

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