by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Sometimes the world just unfolds its giant arms and gives you exactly what you desire.

An example of this would be when Ray J released his hot new single “I Hit It First” – which may or may not be about Kim Kardashian – reminding men everywhere that scoreboard lasts forever, as @BretRadio says.

Another example, when the Junkies had Mike Tyson on the show Wednesday, a fortuitous encounter that finally gave Cakes a chance to try out his iconic Tyson impression on the man himself.

As for Tyson’s reaction, well … the words “drag queen and “really bad” may have been volleyed about, but some moments, especially ones years in the making, are just better hearing.

Listen to the clip below (you gotta hear this) …

Tell Iron Mike how much you enjoyed Cakes’ impression on Twitter.


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