LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — The neighborhood kids call him Biscuit.

No one knows for sure how the tiny stray Shih-Tzu ended up fending for himself in Franconia. Some say his owner died, while others think he was left behind when owners moved away.

Residents would often see the pup foraging for food, or looking for a hiding spot. But no one, including dog rescue workers, could ever catch him.

Enter Fairfax County Police Department’s Animal Control Officer Enna Lugo.

“Whenever I came to catch Biscuit, neighborhood residents would tell me the last place they had seen him,” said Officer Lugo. “Everyone tried to help get him off the streets.”

But whenever she would try tracking or trapping him, “He would always find an escape route,” she said. “When we tried to trap him, he would lie next to the traps but he would never go inside.”

Finally, on Saturday, Lugo sought help. She assembled a team of officers and animal shelter volunteers to finally bring Biscuit to safety.

When they arrived on the scene near Manchester Boulevard and Beulah Road around 8 a.m., Biscuit was huddled in a nest of leaves where he had made a bed. With the help of the volunteers, he was finally caught. Biscuit was taken to a veterinarian’s office, sedated and shaved. More than 40 ticks were removed from his body, and he was treated for a skin infection. After an examination, it was determined that he’s between 3 and 4 years old and in good health.

Lugo has offered to foster Biscuit to help acclimate him to living with human companions, and is glad to know that his days of hiding and foraging are over.

“I told the residents that even if it took me a year, I would catch Biscuit and get him to a loving home,” she said.

Biscuit will be available for adoption after he has had some time to readjust.

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