WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Immigration in America isn’t cheap.

A new study from the American Action Forum discovered that individuals and small businesses dedicate close to $30 billion annually to about 98.8 million hours of paperwork tied to immigration-related issues.

The process for some immigration-related matters is tiring. Getting a hold of an H-1B visa, for instance, costs $2,500 in direct costs, including filling out 16 forms and about 18 hours of paperwork, according to the study.

The findings come amid a national discussion about immigration reform. The plans being developed by Congress would allow for 11 million currently undocumented workers to be transferred into the legal system and providing them a path to citizenship. The proposed plans would also bring about new ways for employers to establish that those they hire have legal status.

“Few doubt that our current immigration system is in need of reform,” the study concluded. “Thankfully, many agree that our regulatory state needs an overhaul as well.”


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