LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — When 9-year-old internet sensation “Kid President” participated in the White House April Fool’s Day joke Monday, it was cute. When he got a chance to actually meet the Commander-in-chief, it was downright heart-warming.

Robby Novak, a third grader, is known for giving lighthearted and inspirational speeches on his YouTube channel. Sometimes, he uses a White House briefing room prop. He was a special guest at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll Monday, which gave him the opportunity to address the nation, or at least White House YouTube channel subscribers, from the real deal.

A separate video released Thursday shows him touring the Oval Office and meeting President Obama.

They discussed Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the stresses that come along with world leadership and elementary school.

The ever-curious Kid President also came prepared, of course, with an interview question.

“How can kids and grown-ups work together to change the world?” he asked.

“The most important thing we can all do is treat each other with kindness and respect,” Obama said.

As the pair walked out of the room, Obama told Robby to keep up the good work.

“You keep on doing the great work that you’re doing. I’ll try to do my best. Between the two of us maybe we can kind of get things going in a good direction,” he said.

Then came the bittersweet goodbye.

“Even though we’re Presidents, can we still hug?” Obama asked. “Yep!” Robby replied enthusiastically.

See more Kid President videos here.

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