BLACKSBURG, Va. (CBSDC) – We have all walked into a crowded bar and tried to order a drink without getting the bartender’s attention. Now two students at Virginia Tech are trying to come up with a new app that will make ordering drinks a lot easier.

K Alnajar and Drew Stegmaier are working on creating an app called “DrinkUp.”

“When you walk into a crowded bar, it’s tough to get a bartenders attention,” Stegmaier told WSLS-TV. “That’s the problem we solve by providing a smart phone app for users and an app for bartenders on a device such as an Ipad.”

The creators say that the app will allow you to select the number and types of drinks you want. You will then be able to pay for it without getting the bartender’s attention.

“You get a notification saying your drink is ready,” Stegmaier added to the station. “You walk up and flash your verification code and the bartender also has an image of your face, so they can identify you.”

Alnajar and Stegmaier say the bartender will have a separate app to help with the customers.

The students hope the app is available by the middle of the month.

“It’s one of the hardest thing about being a student entrepreneur because you have to balance your work, you want a social life still, and you want this project to do really well, Alnajar added to the station.


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