WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — During an announcement in the White House briefing room Monday, the President was a little shorter than we remember him being.

That’s probably because the speaker was, in fact, “Kid President.”

Also known as Robby Novak, Kid President is a 9-year-old internet sensation who usually gives lighthearted “presidential” addresses on his YouTube channel from a briefing room lookalike prop.

But Robby was a special guest at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll Monday, which gave him the opportunity to address the nation, or at least White House YouTube channel subscribers, from the real deal.

“It looks like you were expecting somebody else,” he says after rising from behind the podium. “But April Fools’ on all ya’ll! I’m Kid President and I hope everyone has an awesome day. ”

In February, the real commander-in-chief invited Robby to the Egg Roll via tin can and string, Kid President’s official mode of communication.

The video series was inspired by “the simple belief that kids have voices worth listening to,”according to the Kid President website.

The site also says that Robby has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a bone condition that has resulted in him suffering more than 70 breaks since birth.

“What’s inspiring about Robby isn’t his condition, but the fact that his condition doesn’t define who he is,” writes his older brother-in-law and project partner Brad Montague. “In spite of all he’s been through he not only keeps going – he dances.”

A look through nearly 30 videos prove that he is a fan of dancing. He also likes to encourage others to share his disposition.

“It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance,” he says during his White House debut.

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