Ryan Zimmerman admits he wasn’t feeling great about his performance as of a few weeks ago. But that’s the beauty of the exhibition season. Each day the standings are essentially erased and teams begin anew.

As such, that early Spring Training slump was actually “just fine” by him.

Zimmerman has come on strong as of late and hit a stride with the arrival of Opening Day.

“That’s kind of the plan and the hope every year. You peak at the right time and with about a week or so to go you start to feel comfortable,” Zimmerman told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier. “This last week or so I’ve started to feel more comfortable and get my timing down and see some more pitches.”

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As a matter of fact, Zimmerman thinks he’s fully back to form as the Nationals open their season against the Miami Marlins. And it’s no coincidence that his ‘return’ coincides with the end of spring when opposing pitchers begin to dive into their bag of tricks.

Like preseason football, baseball teams (pitchers, specifically) won’t show everything in their arsenal until the games begin to count.

“I think that at the beginning of the spring a lot of pitchers only were throwing a lot of fast balls,” said Zimmerman. “That last couple of weeks they kind of start bringing out all the tricks. It’s good to get those out of the way and see those and be ready (for the season).”

With the bulk of the baseball media projecting the Nationals to reach the World Series, Zimmerman isn’t buckling at the pressure. The 28-year-old third baseman calls the order “strong and deep.”


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